Girl Got Her Room Renovated and Decorated Hello Kitty Theme By Her Supportive Boyfriend, Make Netizens Jealous

Many girls love having her own room and feel like a princess, but not all girls can make it come true. But this girl has her dream come true as her boyfriend spend a lot of effort to renovate her room and designed it Hello Kitty theme.

Giearson Agapito Genova, the loving boyfriend who surprised her girl named Crizzy Mae Mendoza. At first, Crizzy Mae was hesitant to have her room renovate as she can sleep with her mom and it may cost a lot.

However, Giearson is insisting on making it happen. It is also a significant gift for the celebration of their 6th anniversary. The transformation of Crizzy Mae’s room is wonderful and makes many girls jealous.

The couple was so happy with the result, and everytime Crizzy Mae will sleep in her room, she will always remember how thoughtful and sweet her boyfriend is.