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From Selling Fish In The Province To Owning A College in London

Nova Fossgard, a Filipina fish vendor grew up with a father who was a fisherman. They came from the province of Tukuran, Zamboanga where lives of many locals are not so well-off. Nova’s family is a typical family who is in the situation of hand to mouth. To help her family, she sells fish in the market but it isn’t as easy as you thought.

“You are in the market and you have to shout – fish, fish, bente, bente… Isda, isda, bariles, bariles. Bente, bente.”

But despite the hardship of life, she still wants to get out of the situation and get educated to be able to be successful. She has a strong belief in education and pursues her dreams, she graduated in 1991 from Southern Mindanao College.

“How can you be successful without education? I kept telling my brothers, education is the best capital for you. Then once you have education, look for what you are passionate about. Then focus on that one thing.”

However, she sends herself off to Hongkong and works as a domestic helper so her brothers can go to college too.

“I went through as a domestic helper first, cleaning. Even during day off, I worked part-time.”

Nova sacrificed herself because she knew how education is important especially if you came from a province. She, later on, worked in London as a journalist. But in the year 2006, she and her husband lost their jobs. Despite losing their jobs, an unexpected thing happened.

Now, they have their own college cited in London as she strongly believes that education is vital to success. She also serves as an inspiration to many young people especially those living in rural areas that education is not a priority.

“Don’t be afraid. Follow your instinct. Gawin mo lahat ang gusto mo sa buhay. If you keep holding back with your fear, you think may mangyayari? You have to overcome (your fears). Takbo ka, don’t crawl. Always run.”

Source: TheReaderFile