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Di naging hadlang ang uri ng kasarian sa kanilang pagmamahalan

We all know that not everyone in our community agrees to accept LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. They often criticize, bully, dislike, discriminate, or even disrespect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender because of their gender orientation.

Some are also annoyed and often criticize when they see two same gender together. They’re the ones who does not understand why these people are attracted with their same gender but they are just human who knows how to love.

Same s** marriage still isn’t legal here in our country but this is not their case because they’re a lesbian and a gay couple and their relationship resulted to an offspring, the fruit of their love.

They proved that love doesn’t have boundaries and being gay nor a lesbian is not a hindrance to love one another.

The couple is very proud of their relationship. They even posted their pictures in a social media to show everyone that they are going to be parents, proud parents who doesn’t mind how other thinks about them.

The photos of them which is posted in a social media quickly became viral, gained thousands of likes, thousands of shares, and many people congratulated and very happy for them.

Kudos to their pure love!
Let’s share their love!


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