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Devastating Seaman Complains about Raffy Tulfo About Cheating Wife’s Sexual Relationship With Another Man

A relationship between husband and wife is not as easy as it seems, there are fight days, sleepless days, and sometimes, infidelity comes in unexpected ways. Just like what happened to a couple who just recently separate ways as the wife was cheating.

John Mark Javier, a seaman who works in the seas to give a better and more comfortable living with his wife and two children, go to Raffy Tulfo In Action. He complains about his cheating wife and presents some exchanges of messages thru messenger with another man named Darlin Bueno.
Tulfo called the wife, Nora Javier and at first, she denied it. But later on, she wanted to make it private between the two of them.

She later admitted it. According to John, they talked after he went off from the program and he decided to have his wife sent out of the house. The children are in custody of Mark.What do you think of Nora’s infidelity case?