Creepy or Photoshopped: Graduating Student’s Photo Mystery

There has been lots of viral photos circulating social media and attract many netizens around the world.

Filipinos are one of the nations who mostly used social media to share whatever they like. A young, graduating students shared group photos of him and his friends. One has his upper body, and the other has his legs.

In the Philippines, there are superstitious beliefs whenever there is a celebration such as graduation, wedding, and even on a funeral.

In the case of the graduating students, some believe that something bad might happened to him like he will not graduate or at risk of losing his life. It is an old Filipino belief that many are still believing in it.

So, in the appeal of the followers, the students burnt the same clothes he was wearing in the picture. Many felt strange and fear the unknown of this incident.

However, there are also some who raise eyebrows and might as well, believe that the picture was photoshopped. What do you think?