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Check The Names of Three Brothers: Vowels Must Be Absent At The Time They Were Born

Pregnancy comes in 9 months to be full, with the time allotted to get ready, parents must come up with a few names to choose from. Even if the baby came up earlier than expected, parents already have a name.

There are many common names around the world such as Maria, John, Jane, Philip, James, Ana, Mary, Peter, etc. Sometimes, a child got his father’s name or his grandfather’s. It is also fun to name your baby after your name. But these parents from the Philippines, named their three children extraordinary. Their reason? Simple, they just want to make each name unique since the names of the parents are very plain and simple.

“Wala naman po. Para maiba lang. Jon kc name ng tatay nila eh di naman Junior tas Mercy name ko. Super simple kaya binawi sa name ng mga anak ko.”

The IDs of the three kids went viral to Facebook. Their names are Dzywrygh Lynzh M. Tamayo, Pzxydynn Yzzr M. Tamayo, and Djykynll Rysym M. Tamayo. It seems that vowels were out of the alphabet when they were born.

Are you able to read their names? Perhaps, you are having a hard time too. Do you have a unique name just like them? Don’t blame your parents as your name might get viral too!