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Bucket List – It’s not just a plain vast ground and you will definitely wanted to go here

If you are into adventure and you wanted to travel the world, you will definitely put this in your bucket list and visit its amazing, spectacular, and remarkable structures.

You might be wondering why the cover photo doesn’t have anything and just a vast ground, you are not wrong because it’s the place full of wonders and remarkable structures.

One of the continents, Australia, possesses this amazing place, and it’s not above the ground because it in beneath the ground.

Coober Pedy is a town in northern South Australia and its name is derived from the word “Kupa-Piti” which means “White Man’s Hole”.

People in Australia finds it difficult to live in because of its extreme weather condition. The temperature in the area is devastating and extremely high and it hits 125 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and it becomes extremely low at night.

To adapt in the weather condition, people tends to live underground but some people moved out because the place is difficult to grow trees and raise animals.

Despite of ultra-heat and extreme cold, the place is rich in opal deposits making people choose to stay.

There’s an estimated 1,500 homes underground in Coober Pedy and houses have been built for over years of digging.

The place is also just like other cities because there are also shopping centers, hotels, churches, swimming pools and many more which made it truly amazing. A place that you will definitely wanted to experience and take a selfie!


Source: Infactbuzz