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Boyfriend Found Out Her Girlfriend Married Her Ex, Leaving Him with Debts

A man in Pangasinan went to Raffy Tulfo’s Sumbong at Aksyon to complain about his girlfriend who is a gold digger.

Rodel Lizardo, a security guard, hopes that his love with her girlfriend, Melody will last forever.

The two met in a chat group and later on went into a relationship which leads them to become live-in partners.

Their relationship goes fine, and Rodel even supported Melody with her plans of training to become a policewoman. He gives her all her salary and his savings, the girlfriend asked for more.

Rodel didn’t spare anything, and he even borrowed money to sustain her girlfriend. Thought he found true love on her, but he became suspicious and started to check her girlfriend’s ex. Rodel find a wedding photo of the two on Facebook and he confronted Melody, but she said the photo is just edited.

Raffy Tulfo helps Rodel to gain back what his own and promised that Melody would not enter into police. He also contacted the office of Paceer Security Agency where Melody and his husband is currently working.