Biringan City: The Invisible City in the Philippines With Enchanted Creatures Living In

Many people knew about the famous Atlantis City, or also known as the lost city. Up to now, it is still fictional as there are no strong proofs of its existence. People are wondering if the city is really there, what will it look like and if it is liveable.

In the Philippines, there is also a city, an invisible one called the Biringan City. The city is located in Samar where there are many folks, tales, and enchanting stories told.

In the country, the stories of enchanted creatures such as tikbalang, aswang, dwende, tiyanak, kapre, etc. are very common and no Filipino kids grew up not knowing such stories.

However, there are only a few who heard about Biringan City. People who have seen it claimed that it was like New York with tall buildings shaped like cathedrals with mystical sounds. Many people are afraid of getting near the city. Until now, Biringan remains a huge mystery.

You can watch the documentaries below.