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Beauty and Ball: She really inherited his PBA father’s skills and talent in Basketball

Basketball has been the top sport played by Filipinos and primary hobby of almost all Filipinos is playing basketball.

Whenever there’s a Philippine Basketball League in Philippine televisions, it is sure that Filipino’s are watching and what happened in the game is always been a topic among boys.

But who said that only men can play basketball? Women can also plays basketball! Not as famous as men’s basketball but the popularity of women’s basketball are growing steadily.

Women’s basketball rules are just the same as men’s basketball rule but there’s a difference in women’s circumference unlike in men’s basketball. The circumference is 2.5cm lesser than of men and three-point line is slightly closer.

There are lot of professional women basketball players because there are several professional leagues established in several places such as Australia, United States, Europe, England and Japan.

But here in our country, she might not be a professional player yet her passion towards basketball plus her alluring beauty is truly admirable.

She is Christiana Dimaunahan, gorgeous and also a sporty. Christiana is daughter of Aries Dimaunahan, a former professional basketball player. Currently, Aries is the assistant coach of expansion team Black Water Elite.

Christiana has a good shooting skills and she play as a varsity in University of Sto. Thomas’ growling tigresses’ basketball team.

She caught the attention of many because of her alluring beauty and unbelievable basketball skills.



Source: BallPH