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Balut Vendor Nails Conversation With a Networker, Power!

Facebook is one of the platforms where you can see a lot of businesses offered. Networking is one of the most bombarded ads on the platform. You can see such posts like, “With just 600, you can be rich”, “turn your 5 pesos into 1,000”, “no recruiting needed, just invest and you will have your first million”, etc.

Sometimes, they go beyond the expected; you will get a direct message from random networkers. Just like this Balut vendor who had a chat,this is what happened:


A networker asked him what is his job. The Balut vendor is very honest with what he is doing for a living, and the networker offered him a business proposal, promising he will be rich like their other colleagues. However, it needs an initial investment, in that case, the Balut vendor honestly told the man that he has no money for it.

The networker teased the Balut vendor that he missed the chance of being a millionaire; this might triggered the Balut vendor, so he gets back the statement to the networker asking if he is already rich and why is he still working abroad.

The networker seems to be ashamed and just replied thumbs up to the Balut vendor. Then later on, the latter advised the networker to just invest in his Balut business as a reseller.