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Anna Online Store catch netizens hearts because of witty conversations.

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When is the last time you have a transaction in an online shop? Did it go smoothly? Well, you haven’t meet Anna. She is a superb when it comes to customer service. Netizens and followers call her “Cyst”, pronounced as sis, as in sister. Her wittiness is very unique and too catchy. She posted a lot of memes such as “Tomboy’s starter pack”.

In one of her post, she insisted it was her store and got scared that buyers won’t get her serious.

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People commented on her posts because of the personality she is showing. She is straight to the point and will say what she wanted to say. Most of her followers love her, they are also some who can’t ride her humor.

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The next time you want to shop online, try Anna’s Online Store. You will get what you see, sometimes with witty bagages. She is one of a kind, that is why people love her cruelty, er, being funny, we mean.