An OFW Left By Her Boyfriend After Replacing Her with A New Lover Who is a Gay, She Wanted to Get Back the Gifts She Gave

Every relationship needs sacrifices on both ends, just like the relationship between this OFW Pinay and her boyfriend. They had to go through a long distance relationship, Rosie Fler Javier is working abroad in Dubai while her boyfriend is staying in the Philippines.

The relationship of the two went okay until Rosie notice that her boyfriend, Erwin Nepomuceno liked a picture of a gay in social media. She confronted him already as she saw that Erwin said I love you to the same gay.

Erwin denied the issue, and this leads Rosie to seek help from Raffy Tulfo on his show, “Itembre mo kay Tulfo.” The host then called Erwin, but he denied everything, but later on, he confessed that she didn’t love Rosie.

The woman weeps in tears for knowing the painful truth and all she wanted was to get back everything she gave to Erwin including the black brief and a certain amount of money. According to her, the total summary cost of all the things she gives is amounting to approximately 100,000 pesos.