An OFW From Saudi Got Scammed By His Online Charming Girlfriend with 1.5M Pesos, Later Discovered He’s Been Chatting With an Old Woman

Online chat is a nice way to get close to your family especially if you are an OFW. However, there are times that online chatting can also take you away from your family and focused your attention on another man/woman. Just like what happened to Hector Bagul-Bagul, a married man who recently got involved with a young girl named Rhea Isabelle Go.

The two make friends and later on, Hector was obliged to go into a relationship with her. He was even forced by the mother to get married to Rhea. Their relationship went well at. First, Rhea has been telling how rich her family is, and Hector believed the story.

The relationship turned into suspicious as Rhea asked for money from Hector which led to 1.5M pesos debt. Hector went home from Saudi as his company encountered a problem, he told his wife the story he has with Rhea. His wife, with all her understanding, had helped Hector to investigate about Rhea.

Later, they found out that Rhea has multiple complaints from different people and what shocked them is that Rhea is already 62 years old. Her identity is far from what she induced to her chatmates.

You can watch the video below

Source: DF