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After ng 7 years, nagkita silang muli ng Lion na nailigtas niya mula sa pagkakalunod

We have seen and watched lot of amazing photos and videos but this lion’s story is a heart-touching one because he survived from drowning from a river. Their mother abandoned them when they’re still a cub.

Seven years ago, Kevin Richardson, an animal behaviorist saved these two cubs from drowning. He took them and given them caress.

During the cub’s upbringings, the three of them formed a truly inseparable bond. They were named Meg and Amy.

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Kevin spent his life advocating for wild animals in Africa where he was called as “Lion Whisperer” because of the special relationship he’s giving to animals over the years.

Few years ago, they conducted documentary of the lion’s behavior with the use of new technology, GoPro and VR BTS (Virtual Reality Video).

We all know that lions are generalist hyper-carnivore, ferocious, and very dangerous as they hunt meats to live. They aren’t like dogs who can be easily tamed especially when you offer them food.

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But with caress and love, Kevin was able to tame them and they trust Kevin.

During the experiment to test the trust of the lion towards their guardian, Kevin, they successfully captured the amazing result.

Kevin jumped to a river and he calls the lion to jump too, the lion who’s having hesitation jumped towards Kevin. The lion trusted Kevin and hold into his body.

via: Youtube
via: Youtube


Let’s watch the video:


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