A Netizen Slammed the Play Girls Who Ranted After Their PGT Performance was Disapproved by Angel Locsin

Pilipinas Got Talent went viral due to Angel Locsin’s buzz over the performance of the Play Girls. The group is consisted of four girls who danced while doing a car wash. Obviously, the talent is not the showcase but their body as they only wore bra and panty while doing the act.

Angel, in her genuine act, buzz them as she doesn’t want the girl to be a subject of boy’s desire, Angel is an advocate of women’s right. After the show was televised, the Play Girls Rants on Social Media against the judge.

A netizen who is on the side of Angel slammed the Play Girls on their bashing. As the Play Girls slammed Angel by playing Darna and accused that she even has nude photos of almost not wearing anything. The netizen made the people realized about Darna and its difference from nudity.

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The Play Girls even blamed the management of the show by giving them the car wash concept.. But of course, they are still the one responsible for their action, wearing only bra and panty while on a car wash, dancing, seems to be inappropriate especially to the young audiences.

Source: PilipinoCommunity