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A Millionaire Was Asked By A Guy Why Is He Still Using an iPhone 5s and a 2012 Honda Pilot When He Can Buy Latest Phones and Cars

Many netizens love flaunting their new phone, new gadget, new house, new car, and even their new partner in social media. People love showing off and it isn’t bad at all, most are just proud of their achievements. One thing that made it bad is when the things one flaunt is out of debt or anything bad.

A netizen share a conversation bethim him and a millionaire from Atlanta:

“His phone :iPhone 5s . I said “why, when you can afford iphone 10(X)” he said do I NEED it? My phone isn’t broken….. I said , ……….oh ?

His car: 2012 Honda Pilot
Me: you can afford a Masserati, why not?
Him: my APR was 0.9 , it’s paid off and still running, why do I need that. I can buy 10 cash right now, but it’s a car. Why would I want to impress people with less money than me??
Me: ? whoa

Him: my credit score impresses lenders, that’s most important in life”

Shane DaPhoneguy Williams shared their conversation which gains many reactions from netizens. While most people love buying new stuff to impress, the millionaire remains low profile. He never bought anything that will not be useful for him. As long as his phone is working, he can use it.

Many people are trying to impress but this rich man knew which is more important, that is to stay pocketful than getting broke while having luxurious gadgets and car. Salute to this rich man by leaving a wonderful leasson that not everyone realized

Source: Socialtrends