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A Guy Sat Down Too Long on The Toilet While Using His Phone Caused Him To Become Paralyzed

Going to the toilet to relieve toxins in the body is nice, however, most of the times, the process is not easy and takes too long especially if constipation hits. A 24-year-old man, young on his age, eventually found lying on the bathroom floor by his family.

He’s been in the toilet for an hour that is why his family is worried why it took so long, unusual to his 30-minutes or less toilet routine. Aside from doing number 2, he always goes to the toilet with his phone doing either mobile games or watching short videos.

It is the first time that happened to him, luckily, his family found him, but he was already paralyzed. The cause of it is not his phone, but the long period he’s been sitting in the toilet. The human body cannot withstand the position for so long, the poor ventilation in the bathroom making it worst.

The next time you go to the toilet, leave your phone behind or else, your life is at risk. Hopefully, the guy will recover soon.

Source: urdailyjournal