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A Guy on Facebook Shared His Thoughts About Having a Happy Family Instead of Spending To A Mistress

Having a family is one of the greatest achievements on earth, but not all couples lasted for long. Most families nowadays are broken and rip apart. But this guy from Facebook posted a very touching perspective every man in a family should read.

Ramon Verano, the guy who posted, is very proud of who he is as a husband. He often tells his wife that instead of spending money to having a mistress they will go out or spend money on their kids.

Not every husband had this on the mind; most men will go out and spend money on vices and even on a bit of happiness in other woman’s lap. Sad but it is the reality. Good thing a person like Ramon existed and many husbands and fathers got inspired by his preaching. Some women even envy his wife and wishing their husbands to be like him. Some even tagged their partners.