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A Foreigner Brought A Sampaguita Vendor to the Mall to Buy Some Clothes and a Pair of Shoes

A simple act of kindness can ripple to the lives of many. Most of the times, life is tough, each has daily battles to fight with. It saddened many people seeing that fellow citizens are in pain, especially kids. But on another hand, there are many kind-hearted people who are willing to be of help, to be someone’s encouragement when life seems in an end.

Just like what netizen named Mara shared on social media:

“Walked into a Nike store on my way home. Saw the sales people having their photo taken with a foreigner. I was looking around, wondering if I should have known this guy. Is he famous? (In fair, gwapo siya. Di ko lang type yung super tattoo all over his body.) He went to the counter. Paid 6,000 pesos for shoes, and gave it to this kid sitting in the corner. He was asking the girl where the nearest store for clothes was, and she gave him directions to SM.”

The guy she was talking about is a foreigner who brings a kid who happened to be selling Sampaguita in the streets without any protection on his feet.

The poor boy was so fortunate that this man found him on the street. Salute to this man, even you are foreign to the Philippines, and you still have the heart to give to Pinoy. How about you, are you also willing to do such thing or an act of kindness on your own? Help someone today who might fight a hard battle on his/her own.

Source: InfactBuzz