A Filipina Marries An Unrich Foreigner, Proves That True Love Exists

Going to the greener pasture and marry a wealthy man, that is what most Filipinas taught when they were little. Sadly, it is still happening today, and many foreigners have lousy impression over Filipinas due to this thinking. But a Filipina proves that true love is what fueled her to marry his foreigner husband.

Regina Hoover posted her story on social media which inspired many people who are finding true love. She also proves that her intention is not after her husband’s money. She changed the thinking of many people that Filipinas are gold digger, digging from marrying a foreigner and ditching after they got the gold.

Regina also worked hard just like his husband; they two worked together to give their kids a brighter future. She also suffered from miscarriage, PCOS, and their first born has a mental condition. Despite the hardships in life, Regina and her husband are united with their love to each other.

Source: thinkingcarabao