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A College Friend Borrowed Money in A Sarcastic Way, It All Started With A Hello

They say you can see a person’s real identity thru money. A netizen named Mhay had an odd conversation with one of her college friends named Fhem Garcia. Fhem suddenly sent a message to Mhay, saying Hello. “Psst mhay” “Mhay!” “Muzta na”

Mhay, kindly replied to Fhem and suddenly the topic went to borrowing money. Fhem asked Mhay to lend her money but Mhay got her own reasons which made Fhem irritated. Fhem even questioned Mhay’s travelling and her children’s schooling in private school.

Netizens are entertained in the conversation of the two. Fhem asked for 6,000 pesos, but Mhay is only able to lend her 1,000 pesos which made Fhem angry and uttered sarcastic words to Mhay. The conversation led to an exchange of words, even bad words.

But later on, Fhem said sorry to Mhay and asked if she can lend the said 1,000 pesos. On the other hand, Mhay didn’t want to since Fhem already degrades her by mocking her and saying bad words to her.

Source: Thereaderfile