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A Church in Colombia Worshipped Lucifer as Their God, Many Have Worried

Churches are an institution where everyone is exercising their faith and worshipped God. However, a church in Colombia is worshipping another God, which is Lucifer. He is originally an angel, but due to his stubbornness, he fell from heaven.

Since he is impure and sinful, worshipping him is unacceptable, but it made possible due to this church. Luciferian Seeds of Light Temple, the said Lucifer’s church is founded by Victor Damian Razo aka Hector Londoño Villegas.

The church is clearly a cult, but people are going to it, out of curiosity or with an unexpected faith, people still worshipped the God they shouldn’t. Many netizens are worried about this, especially true Christians. Some say, perilous times have come, there are many wars happening around, families attacking each other, and this- a church which is apparently from Satan.

What do you think of this church, do you think it will broaden its border around the globe?


Source: filtimes