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You are gaining weight not because of too much food

In other words, we’re not getting fat because we’re eating more, we’re eating more because we’re getting fat.

Lately, research displayed the links amongst female hormones, hunger, weight loss and fat metabolism.

Below are the hormones accountable in controlling hunger and losing weight:


Insulin identifies regardless blood sugar is applied for instant energy or stored as fat.

What you eat and how you eat has a direct impact on your insulin levels.

When you eat too numerous carbohydrates, so much insulin is developed that the cells cannot absorb it and the liver converts it all to fat.


This is also recognized as the stress hormones which impacts blood sugar, controls metabolism, and controls salt and water balance.

When you are stressed, cortisol stimulates the body to store fat around the vital organs.

This procedure releases dangerous fatty acids into the blood, which then raise cholesterol and insulin levels.


Leptin is the “hunger hormone” directly related to body fat and obesity.

This hormone is released from fat cells and is so powerful, it can actually have a long-term effect on how much food your body requires to feel satiated.

To know how to reduce youe weight you can watch the video below