Water is all over our bodies, in brain, blood, bones, and our muscles. Water is simply essential to our life and health and everyone knows that it is recommended for us to drink eight glasses of water a day normally to support and fully function. If you are physically active, you need to drink more water.

Water is present in juices, alcoholic drinks, and other beverages prepared for human consumption but this does not mean that you may drink 8 glasses of juice as an alternative to 8 glasses of pure water.

Human adult has an approximately averaged 65% total body water and instead of drinking those beverages choose water above anything else.

The benefits of drinking water are enhanced when you drink in an empty stomach; this includes drinking water at morning after you wake up, drinking while hungry before you eat your lunch, and before eating dinner. The following benefits include:

1. It can flush the bowels which will eventually make your digestive tract healthier.

2. Regular drinking will expel bowels and you will pee regularly which will result to flush toxins stored in your body. This is a natural detoxification.

3. It will reduce bloating.

4. Increases your appetite, helps with weight loss, and will help you consume meals without problems.

5. It could prevent headaches as dehydration often causes headaches.

6. Drinking alkaline water on an empty stomach can prevent oral problems such as bad breath caused by bacteria.

7. It will cleanse colon and will help your body absorb nutrients better.

You should make water drinking a habit and incorporate it in your daily routine.