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Do You Cook With the Use of Aluminum Foil? You Should Definitely Read This!

Since aluminum has a wide uses in varieties of cooking, we often uses it such in roasting, baking or grilling fish, corn, chicken, or potato.

Without being aware, frequent uses of aluminum foil in cooking can pose health problems over time. According to World Health Organization, human body is capable to release small amounts of aluminum. It is safe to ingest 40 milligram of aluminum and ingesting far more is dangerous.


Studies found that high aluminum intake may be associated to reduction in the growth rate of human cells

A 2002 study published by International Journal of Electrochemical Science analyzed that the amount of aluminum leaches into food increases the factors like acidity in foods such as fish and tomatoes when cooked.

“The acidity of the food would enhance further leaching of aluminum into the meal.” said Ghada Bassioni, Head of the Chemistry Division at Ain Shams University. This happens particularly when food is cooked in high temperature.

“How aluminum will actually harm your body depends on many factors such as your overall well-being and consequently how much your body can handle accumulation of it in relation to the allowable dosages” – World Health Organization.

Should You Stop Using Aluminum Foil in Cooking?

It seems that the usage of aluminum foil could pose bad consequences overtime. You may cut your usage because it is quite good in preparing food but there are alternative you could use instead. In grilling veggies, you can use reusable skewer or stainless steel grilling basket. When roasting in oven, you can use glass pan. In baking potatoes, you can use steel cookie sheet instead of using aluminum foil. You may also use banana leave when wrapping foods for baking.

Minimize using aluminum foil as soon as you can to avoid the serious threat it can cause to health.