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Difficulty urinating? Here is the Treatment.

The prostate gland is a male reproductive organ that produces fluids that feed and protect sperm cells. Lower urinary tract that is commonly attributable to a prostate disease or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

This disease is common to men who are aging 50 years old and above.

These are the symptoms of a Prostate Disease difficulties urinating, such as trouble starting the flow of urine the urge to urinate often, particularly at night feeling as though the bladder can’t be fully emptied painful urination blood in the urine or blood coming from the urethra independent of urination.

If it is diagnosed as BPH. The treatment will depend on its severity. For example, medicines like alpha adrenergic blockers such as Tamsulosin,

Alfuzosin and Terazosin, are helpful in pee-ing easier they make the small muscles relax from the outlet, coming from the bladder neck going to prostatic urethra.