Young student revealed that she earns up to $22,000 a month from her “Sugar Daddies”

Would you believe that this young and beautiful lady who is also a student admitted that she is earning about $22,000 every month from the money and the things she got from her six sugar daddies? She is no other than Chloe Hyams, an 18-year-old student who lives in London. She didn’t want to be one of those typical students who engaged themselves in their typical jobs because she prefers working as a sugar baby on the famous platform, “Seeking Arrangement” where she offers her “service” for older men. This beautiful and gorgeous lady is currently studying psychology and neuroscience at the undergraduate level. Just like many other students like her she also has big and expensive ambitions for her future, and she also hopes to obtain master’s and doctorate degrees to become a chartered clinical psychologist someday.

Chloe revealed that she is receiving a hefty amount of $1,800 to $3,700 a month from each of her sugar daddies, but aside from that shocking truth she also got herself not just one or two sugar daddies because she got six of them, earning her up to $22,000 a month which doesn’t include holidays and her little “extras”. She also said that she loves shopping trips, occasional gifts, travels and meals out. Her relationship with her six sugar daddies is purely platonic which means that they were intimate and affectionate but not more than that because their relationship is non-physical.

She describes her job being a sugar baby as a perfect job for her as a student because if it’s “incredibly rewarding nature” indeed. “I decided to become a sugar baby during the summer holidays before I began university, as I was very concerned about money and this seemed like a very attractive option.

The amount of sugar daddies I see a month is dependent upon my university schedule, during term time I will see between one to two a month, however when I’m not at university that amount could vary anywhere between four to six a month. This career field is highly appealing to me due to its incredibly rewarding nature. In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy travelling and experiencing new cultures.” Chloe commented in one of her interviews.

“I have received Tiffany and Swarovski jewelry, around £800 ($970) worth of designer shoes, AirPods, a Christian Lacroix handbag and university textbooks to the value of £200 ($240). It has greatly enchanted my life as a student, from being gifted expensive textbooks to no longer having to work long and strenuous bar shifts, which would be detrimental to my studies. The best part of being a sugar baby is the financial freedom it gives you. However, the worst part is receiving judgement from friends and family who do not fully understand the concept of sugar dating. All of my arrangements have been completely platonic and are based solely on companionship. In future I would like a relationship, but not with a sugar daddy.” She also added.