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Viral video of these kids eating ice cream from trash bin touched netizens!

Children are great blessings from the Lord. Parents are indeed blessed to have wonderful and amazing children which they love, support, nourish, and nurture from the moment they were born even until they have already grown into mature individuals.

As parents, we wanted nothing but the best for them. We wanted to give them all the things they want, we wanted to provide them all the skills, the knowledge, and all the things they will need when the right time for them comes and they will be independent.

Aside from supporting and loving them in the best possible way we can, we also provide them healthy and nutritious food. These are some of the things we love doing for our children and the things that we envisioned as well.

But in reality, there are some children who are not as blessed as our own children. Maybe because of poverty, or the fact that their parents are not yet ready for such life-changing and lifetime-commitment of having a family and many other possible reasons.

No wonder that this video made everyone shed tears for these four innocent children were seen scavenging ice creams which were already discarded by the customers of the nearby store. They do not have any idea that it can cause them stomachache or that they can get harmful germs eating foods inside the trash bin.

Despite their situation, the children seem to be contented and enjoying their ice cream at that time. A lot of netizens could not help but pity the children for eating in the street.

The viral video garnered a lot of comments and reactions from netizens. If only they are given proper care by their families, or maybe the authorities can provide them a much safer place where they can eat right and live just like many children’s lives.

We may sometimes forget every single blessing that we receive every day but it was never too late to be grateful and to give importance to so many things we have now.