Good deeds

Three OFWs who didn’t have money to go back to the Philippines receives help from fellow Filipinos in the airport!

Many of us have their own hardships and struggles in life and as we go through it, it is always an amazing feeling to receive help from people sometimes. With the simplest way of giving or helping other people in great needs, their burden tends to lighten up a bit the things that make them sad or lonely.

Recently, the kindest deed of these Filipinos touched a lot of hearts and reminded us to care for other people as well. According to an OFW named Baling Jacinto Paulino, they met three other OFWs at the airport namely Ramil Rufila, Jefferyl Gamponia, and Ervin Fernandez who are from La Union, Ilocos, and South Cotabato as they had a stopover in Bahrain airport.

They have learned that the three other Filipinos were framed up and they had to go to ja!l for a year and three weeks. And now that they are going back to the Philippines already after their misfortune, they had nothing to give to their respective families who were left in the country hoping that their lives will soon be better. And because of what happened they decided to help them by asking help from other Filipinos inside the airport.

They were able to collect a total of P30,000 and the money was given to the three OFWs who were not able to work as expected from the foreign country they came from. True enough that humanity still exists. Filipino people still have that “Bayanihan” trait in our hearts and it can be seen on the viral video that Filipinos who helped out their fellow countrymen have that indescribable happiness in their face as they were able to lighten up someone’s burden in the simplest and kindest way they can.

Some people may forget how to be kind and how to care for other people but these OFWs really touched and moved a lot of individuals all over the world.