Good deeds

This Syrian vlogger buys an entire alc0hol display to give-away for free to those people in need!

A lot of people nowadays admire so many social media influencers, maybe it is because of their talents, beauty, and admirable gorgeous physique. But it was just recently when this Syrian vlogger once again touched the hearts of many Filipino people because of his amazing great deeds to help many people in need, especially Filipino people.

He is no other than the “Hungry Syrian Wanderer” whose real name is Basel Manadil. He tags himself as the “Adopted Son of the Philippines”. He came from Damascus Syria which is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. He is fond of helping and giving to those people in need. He also has an advocate in helping stray cats, kittens, and dogs in giving them home because he believes that they also deserve to be pampered and taken care of.

His YouTube channel “The Hungry Syrian Wanderer” already has 1.71 million subscribers as of this writing. Most of his videos are all about helping unfortunate people and those people who deserve his help. It was just recently when he surprises a lot of his supporters when he bought an entire alc0hol display to be given away to those people who couldn’t afford to buy one and to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus outbreak here in the Philippines.

He shared photos of him buying a lot of alc0hol and posted it on his social media account and he captioned it with: “I bought this alc0hol display to give away to the residence nearby for FREE. Targeting homeless, less fortunate, street sweepers, public servants, construction workers, public hospitals and many more.”

“Not sponsored by the store or any of the alc0hol brands. Pagkukusa lang po ito. I didn’t hoard all the products for consideration of other people who want to purchase. I asked permission to get all the displays in the front store only and will give it away for free naman within the area of residence of this store.” He also clarified in his post.

He was greatly admired for all his kind gestures and help to many Filipino people although he has foreign blood. It only reminds every one of us to continue helping each other despite the darkest times of our lives.