This student living in a “Tagpi-tagpi” house was never ashamed to post her tarpaulin as a new engineer!

It was just recently when this student shared a lot of inspiration to many people for striving very hard and doing her very best to finish her studies despite the fact that they are struggling financially and they are living in a makeshift house.

According to some reports, this student named Crystalle Mae Manalo came from a broken family that is why her grandmother is the only one who took responsibility for her and raised her well.

Crystalle touched a lot of hearts when she posted her conversation with her beloved grandmother, Gloria Mamaradlo. Her lola asked her if it is alright for Crystalle to post her tarpaulin as she passes the Engineering licensure exam because people may know that she is living in a dilapidated house.

But the new engineer replied that it was an amazing decoration to put in their makeshift house, and she is beyond grateful for her grandmother. On the other hand, her uncle named Nowie Cruz Malonzo revealed that she was an impressive young girl for she has done everything for her to finish her studies even if it means that she will sell various snacks and products at school just to earn some money for her school allowance.

She graduated BS Mechanical Engineering from Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba and she is also an Academic Excellence Awardee. Netizens were amazed by her inspirational story and even though she had experienced a lot in life at a young age she still manages to achieve her dreams and her goals in life.

True enough that when you put your heart and your mind into it, you will definitely achieve the things you ever wanted to have. She truly deserves everything she has now because of how dedicated she really is.

Young children today may not give a lot of importance when it comes to education and all the things they have but this story will definitely move you and touched your heart.