Inspiration, Viral

This man with a disability made his own way to drive a motorcycle even without his legs!

Social media has been very prevalent in the past few years, although it may also have some disadvantages, many people would definitely agree that it has a lot more beneficial effects to each and every one of us. One of those benefits is the fact that we usually get inspired by other people’s stories of success and the way they remained stronger despite all the struggles they have been through in life. Many of those inspirational people gets viral online, some were featured in several articles, and most of them get featured on different television programs themselves.

Just like this amazing man who never let his disability put him into misery or literally disable him. A lot of netizens were amazed by him and he was just admirable and very inspirational especially today that people tend to judge others just by their physical appearance, by their financial status and the things other people can benefit from them in the long run. Good thing that even though he finds it challenging to do his everyday routine just like what other people do, he still finds a way to do the things that are impossible for Persons With Disability (PWDs) to do on their own.

It was Mark Napal, who saw this great man along the highway and he even captured some photos of him. At first glance, it will be very easy for you to say that he is a grown man who drives a motorcycle but at the back of it there seems to be a “training wheel”. After some time of observing, you will then find out that he doesn’t have legs and that is the reason why his motorcycle looks different from other motorcycles.
“Saluto ako sayo paps, pinatunayan mo na hindi sa porma o sa bilis ng motor kung bakit gusto mong mag-raider.” Napal captioned his post.

It can be seen on the photos that the man driving the motorcycle has his safety helmet on, and he even has his own protective arm sleeves. Napal also clarified that he was also very careful as he drives on a national highway.