This is the reason why we should not catch, buy, or eat this kind of fish, according to a concerned netizen!

Parrotfish is indeed one of the most beautiful fish you can ever see in the Philippine sea. This is called a Parrotfish because its mouth looks like a bird’s beak.

Aside from this, Parrotfish has distinct and various colored skin which looks the same as Parrots. This kind of fish can often be seen in the deep part of the ocean.

They are also responsible for cleaning underwater coral reefs. According to some studies, 90% of their time every day was spent in biting all the mosses in coral reefs.

Parrotfish also releases sand approximately about 200 pounds every year. This helps maintain the amount of sand under the sea.

This is the reason why we should not catch those Parrotfish living in the oceans because it makes their species in danger. Their number decreases from time to time.
A concerned netizen named Reg O. Carlotta shared some information she knew about Parrotfish on her social media accounts for the public to be aware of. It is because she would often see people selling and buying this kind of fish in Alabang.

She is a diver that is why she knew how important Parrotfish are in the oceans. She used to talk to the vendor of the Parrotfish she saw that it will never be beneficial for us to catch Parrotfish because, in the long run, it will really affect all of us.

She reminds everyone that even though Parrotfish are safe and healthy to eat, we should also consider that their species will be gone and this beautiful and helpful fish will never be seen in our oceans again when this happened. In our society today, we may be enjoying a lot of things without even thinking about its effects after several years that is why as early as now, we should all be aware and help to conserve our environment in our own little ways. Never buy a Parrotfish!