Inspiration, Viral

Parents put their children inside plastic bags to cross the river and get to school!

Education is one of the intangible things our parents could give to us and we can use them as long as we live. It is also one of the things we should give importance to if we wanted to be successful in life.

Many people wanted to study and have a good quality education but there are a lot of hindrances that come their way and stop them from achieving their dreams of finishing their studies. Although, there are some who were privileged enough to study in one of the most prestigious schools and have all the comfort and the convenience in the world as they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

Actually, there are also some individuals who are facing a lot of struggles before they were able to arrive at their respective schools, literally. Just like in Huoi Ha Village in Vietnam where parents don’t have any choice but to try this risky way of sending their children to school every single day.

Parents in this village would often put their children inside big plastic bags for them to go to school without getting soak in the water. There were times when dry season gave them a little bit of comfort as they get to cross bamboo bridges made by some of the fathers in the village.

But when the rain suddenly came along, it washes all the makeshift bridges and the students don’t have any choice but to ride inside their plastic bags again and again. The parents would end up wet as they helped their children cross the river inside those plastic bags.

After crossing the river, children would still have to walk for hours along a slippery trail before they get to arrive at their school. That is why some children prefer living at their school and went back home during weekends to lessen such hardship.

Unfortunately, some children already get tired and quit school because of their difficult situation. It was really a difficult situation but still, their determination and dedication to finish their studies is really impressive!