Mich Liggayu has found new love and was allegedly pregnant three years after Jam Sebastian passes away!

A lot of Filipino people were saddened by the news that after Jam Sebastian passes away because of stage 4 lung cåncer, their popular online love team “JaMich” has been gone as well.

But it seems that there is also another heårtbreak for their fans and supporters as Mich had shared a video on her social media account where she seems to have found a new love and is currently in a happy relationship with another man. She shocked a lot of her supporters as she posted a video on her YouTube channel with the title “Save the Date” which started the speculations about her finally getting married after a few years since her ex-boyfriend Jam passes away.

The viral video started as Mich seems to be wearing her engagement ring. And after that, she was seen meeting the guy on top of the hill. The face of the guy was not revealed as Mich has been posting some photos on her social media accounts as well but still hiding the guy’s identity.

JaMich is a YouTube sensation love team before which immediately rose to fame because of their “kilig” viral videos. After more than two years and almost three years of losing Jam in a very unfortunate incident, a lot of people noticed that she had finally moved on.

The guys were later identified as Arran Phil Sese who was described by Mich as the “Boss”. He was the guy who had appeared in a “Fita” commercial before. Most of the “JaMich” fans were very happy that Mich is now finally moving on with her life. But there were still some people who say negative things about her.

Mich had also shared her own “Tala Dance Challenge” video where her big tummy was very noticeable and a lot more people were surprised to know that she is now pregnant.