Meet the daughter of Ian Veneracion which captured the hearts of the public for being so true with herself!

Stephen Ian López Veneración or simply Ian Veneracion is a 45-year-old Filipino athlete, painter, actor, pilot, and singer. He was a former talent of GMA Network and is currently an artist of ABS-CBN. His father is a renowned painter, Roy Veneración, while his mother is Susan López-Veneración.

He is married to Pam Gallardo, an industrial engineer, with whom he has three children. Primarily known as an action star, he regained fame in 2015 due to the popularity of his loveteam with Jodi Sta. Maria.

It was just recently when the public was surprised that one of Ian’s children, his one and only daughter turns out to be a lesbian. Deirdre “Dids” Veneracion is an aspiring singer.

Ian revealed how his daughter told him about her gender preference. In one of their interviews on the ABS-CBN morning program, “Magandang Buhay”, the veteran actor recalled that he was doing something with his motorbikes at that time when his daughter came with a teary-eye.

Dids told him that she likes girls and her father hilariously replied that even he likes girls too. Dids was very surprised that her celebrity father would have accepted her confession with open arms.

Ian later revealed that even before, when she was still a kid, he already knew that he is “macho”. The proud father also commented in one of his interviews with YES! magazine that Dids is actually his mini-me version.

She is so much like his father when it comes to hobbies and interests. They enjoy playing musical instruments, paragliding, sailing, hiking, and motorbiking together.

Dids is only 19-years-old but she also has that passion in songwriting just like her father. She doesn’t have any formal training and it was just her father, Ian, who had taught her.

She now has her current single entitled “Someone”.