Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto saw each other backstage, back to being strangers again!

Many fans and supporters of the JoshLia loveteam were saddened by the news that the on and off-screen couple already called it quits in July 2019 which resulted in their separation as a love team as well. But still, they will have an upcoming movie entitled “Block Z” and they are required to be together in some events. It was just recently when the two Kapamilya artists were spotted backstage in a Chinese New Year Celebration.

On their viral video, it can really be noticed that Julia and Joshua treated each other coldly. They may be facing each other one moment but they seem to be pretending that they didn’t know each other and they didn’t even look at each other. They may be meters away from each other but they really didn’t want to talk or to look at each other even just for a second or even for the sake of professionalism.

If you are an avid JoshLia fan, you will probably be broken-hearted with this video. Who would have thought that these two had an intimate relationship before? And now they are back to being strangers as if they didn’t know each other before.

Before this kind of thing happens, many of their fans still pray and hopes for them to reconcile and fix things themselves. But because of this video, the ex-couple probably didn’t have any plans of getting back on each other.

Some other netizens noticed that they may not be talking to each other anymore but they still seem to care for each other despite everything. According to PEP’s report, JoshLia’s avid fans should not be hÜrt or mad with Joshua and Julia’s cold treatment towards each other because it can really help them in their character building for their future.

Some netizens had also commented that it was really a stage for the ex-lovers to experience and for them to finally move forward and heal their wounds for them to be able to open their hearts and to love again.