Frankie Pangilinan’s comments about her half-sister KC Concepcion trends online!

Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion, better known as KC Concepcion is a 34-year-old Filipino actress and singer. She has had lead roles in Philippine films and television series such as “For The First Time”, “When I Met U”, “Lovers in Paris”, “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala”, and “Ikaw Lamang” among others. She is also a National Ambassador Against Hunger of the United Nations’ World Food Programme.

She is the daughter of singer-actress Sharon Cuneta and actor Gabby Concepcion, and the adopted daughter of Senator Francis Pangilinan following her mother’s marriage to him. She reconnected with her father after thirteen years since her parents’ annulment and his immigration to the United States in 1995. She graduated from grade school at Saint Pedro Poveda College in Mandaluyong.

In 2003, she graduated from the International School Manila, and in 2007, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Corporate Communications with a minor in Theatre Arts from the American University of Paris.

It was just recently when her celebrity mom, Megastar Sharon Cuneta revealed in one of her social media posts that she was hÜrt by her eldest daughter’s lack of communication with them for years now. Many of her fans and supporters were saddened by the news as they really find this mother and daughter duo so lovely especially on-screen with their performances. But despite their misunderstandings, they are still very expressive how much they love each other.

Frankie Pangilinan, KC’s half-sister was recently interviewed about her thoughts on her elder sister and her mom’s misunderstanding as can be seen on a viral video on the YouTube channel Rider PH Studios. She said that she still has good communication with KC and that she didn’t want to say anything about her mom and sister’s personal issue. She also revealed that as much as many people wanted her to enter politics she said that she is more artistically inclined but she still doesn’t close any doors.