Customer feedback box in an LRT station turned into a donation box by the commuters who didn’t care to read!

For a country to be progressive and to attain its success, its citizens should be responsible and disciplined as well. They should be able to follow the implemented rules and regulations for the sake of all the people in the country. Even in the simplest instruction, they should be able to follow those for them to be able to follow a lot more big responsibilities given to them. Unfortunately, Filipinos seem not to be ready for success as many of us find it very difficult to follow even just simple instruction.

A certain netizen named Kyle Vince Dizon was the one who shared a photo of this suggestion box or customer feedback box that was turned into a donation box by some of the Filipino commuters. They should have put pieces of paper inside with their written suggestions inside and not those paper bills and coins. According to Dizon, the photo was taken from the Abad Santos LRT Station. Even though there is already a label written on the box indicating that it was a “customer feedback box” many Filipino commuters tend not to take a glimpse of what’s written on it or didn’t care much to read what’s written on it. It was a sad reality but Filipinos tend to have poor reading comprehension as well.
As a matter of fact, it was just last December when the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) reported a study about the reading comprehension of Filipinos today. The Philippines ranks at the bottom from the 79 countries which joined the said assessment. Dizon’s post garnered more than 7,100 reactions and more than 8,000 shares in just a few hours after it was shared online. A lot of people commented on their honest opinion and reactions about the poor reading comprehension of many Filipinos today.