91-year-old Czech grandma made her village into her own art gallery!

Netizens could not help but admire this Czech grandma as she becomes an internet sensation because of her passion for painting making flowers as one of her main concepts. We may know a number of people who retire and enjoys their well-earned rest after working hard for several years. There are some people who wanted to be comfortable and relaxed in their retirement days while there were still some who just wanted to be very busy and occupied during those times.

Just like this 91-year-old Czech woman named Anežka Kašpárková (Agnes Kašpárková). She may be old but she really didn’t want the idea of just sitting all day long at the comfort of her home.

Who would have thought that at her old age, she dedicated herself to painting her neighbors’ homes with a lot of flowers and her masterpieces were all amazing! Their little village Louka was transformed into one of the most stunning works of art you can ever imagine.

She was actually an agricultural worker before but 30 years ago she had already retired. It was the beginning of her dedication and passion for painting the houses in her neighborhood by hand. The talented old lady revealed that a late good friend of her named Manakova taught her the skill and she also did the same for free.

Agnes said that she was just continuing what her friend has started. Agnes’ works are truly breathtaking, refined, and intricate. Most of them are inspired by floral designs with ultramarine shades.

Because most of the houses in their village are Moravian often has white walls, it was perfect for her detailed work. One of the places in their village where she really loves to paint is their chapel where she actually spends 10 days just to make it very beautiful during the month of May.