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Zsa Zsa Padilla shares a glimpse of her beautiful farm as she enjoys a very simple and convenient life!

Farming and agriculture have been one of the most successful industries in our country today. The Philippines has a lot of fertile lands. No wonder that the agricultural sector is one of the sources of revenue in our country.
Our farmers can be considered as our modern heroes as they lead farming and harvesting good quality products of the Philippines. Because of them, their hard work and perseverance, we have a lot of rice for our families and many other Filipino households which is one of our basic and important commodity.
We should also give importance to our hardworking farmers all over the Philippines. They provide us with the best of their harvests that we always enjoy in our table. Though many young people nowadays tend to forget the importance of farming, agriculture, and above all, the farmers, we should always be the one to remind them of their value.
Even some celebrities nowadays knew the value of farming. Some of them even tried it as a hobby. Who wouldn’t be relaxed with the green environment and the fresh air? Just like the popular celebrity Zsa Zsa Padilla who features her beautiful farm. Casa Esperanza is her farm’s name which was located in Lucban, Quezon.
She even posted her fresh harvest online. She also has a very relaxing and beautiful backyard there. She added that they will be planting grains of rice sooner and that she was very excited to develop and nurture her farm to help the environment as well. Esperanza Padilla, popularly known by many people as Zsa Zsa Padilla is a 55-year-old singer and actress.
She is currently part of ABS-CBN contract actresses. It was in 2017 when she portrayed her role as Helena Montoya or Red Dragon in the hit television series “Wildflower”. She is also known as Karylle Tatlonghari’s mother.