Young student uses banana leaves as his notebook immediately trends online!

This young boy inspired a lot of people as he went viral in different social media platforms because of his strong desire to continue studying despite of their poor situation. Papers, notebooks, and pens are some of the most important and most essential things a student needs in school. Even though this student’s parents doesn’t have enough money to buy him a new notebook, he doesn’t mind using banana leaves just to continue studying. This amazing student lives in Lianga, Surigao del Sur and he immediately went viral online because of his incredible dedication to achieve good education.

The student’s teacher, Arcilyn Azarcon who teaches in Lianga National Comprehensive School was the one who posted it online. She was moved as she saw her student, Erlande Monter using banana leaves as his notebook. A lot of netizens were touched to know the young boy’s story. According to teacher Arcilyn, she instructed her students to copy their lesson for the day and she decided to roam around the classroom afterwards. She was surprised to saw that one of her students was writing on a banana leaves! And that student even asked her to check his notes just like what she did to the other students.

Erlande’s mother, Enriqueta doesn’t have a job while his father works as a road maintenance worker under the Department of Public Works and Highways earning P4,000. The inspiring student wanted to be a soldier someday that is why he doesn’t want to stop going to school even though it was really a struggle for him sometimes.

As his story went viral online, so many people extended their help into the family. A lot of support and help started to pour out for Erlande. True enough that if you have a dream, nothing can really stop you even if it is p0verty.