Young lady’s sweet photos together with her boyfriend inside a fitting room elicited reactions from netizens!

Philippines is known to be a Christian country. That is why we have a lot of cultures and traditions that even until now has been practicing by many families. Many Filipino people are also strict when it comes to romantic relationships.

As most of us believes that there are things that cannot be done by the young couples and yet those things are expected to be done by married couples only. Maybe that is the reason why the sweet photos of this young couple elicited an enormous number of negative comments and reactions from people. On the controversial post, the young lady under the account name “Kate” posted sweet pictures of her and her boyfriend inside a public fitting room where only female or male customers are allowed inside!

Kate posted on her social media account their sweet photos with a caption, “Lagi lang kita (boyfriend) nakikita sa notification ko dati pero ngayon nayayakap mo na. Twitter crush mo lang ako dati, ngayon jowa na.” She said that he was just one of her Twitter followers before who joined a group chat that she created. After some time of being friends, their relationship bloomed into romance.

They had a photo where her boyfriend was hugging her from behind as he was holding unto her waist, but their second photo, the couple appeared to be kissing.
Netizens could not help but commented on the said photos of this young couple. One netizen commented, “Hoy sira sinong matinong mag jowa ang magsasabay sa fitting room?” while the other said “Bakit kasi pupunta ng fitting room no, tapos ayaw mahusgahan.”

But there were also some netizens who sided the couple and said, “Wala namang mali sa pag-fit ng sabay. Pero may mali sa pangengealam sa buhay ng ibang tao.” Another netizen said “Hirap na automatic iniisip ang madumi, basta magkasama lalaki at babae sa isang lugar. Halatang manyak,”