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Wowowin host Willie Revillame reserves his two helicopters for the needs of Filipinos if ever calamities happen!

Many Filipinos are known to be enjoying their family bonding moments just by simply watching their favorite movies, or television programs.

It actually became a usual routine in every Filipino family household. There had already been a lot of television programs which left a mark in our hearts and mind. Even some Filipinos abroad watched some of this programs which eventually lessen their home s!ckness and loneliness. One of this amazing programs is “Wowowin”, a very popular program of Filipino for the Filipinos here and abroad.

“Wowowin” had been a popular show to many people all over the world especially to Overseas Filipino Workers because of its wonderful games and the generosity of it’s host, Willie Revillame or the very famous “Kuya Wil”. Everybody knows how generous Kuya Wil was to many poor people and the elderly. It was also known to many that Kuya Wil came from a “rags to riches” story. He worked hard for whatever he is and whatever he has now.

He already owned several mansions, a number of luxurious cars, and some businesses. But aside from that he also have two helicopters. Some people may say that he bought two helicopters just to spent his money but little that they know that he actually purchased those because he wanted to be a great help to many Filipinos it times of need. When calamities occur, he wanted to reach out to those Filipino people by giving away some foods and some of their basic needs. That is why he enrolled himself in some flying lessons for him to become a pilot and to earn a license under the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

Though he was known to be very generous to many people, he clarified in one of his interviews that he doesn’t have any plans in entering politics as he just really want to help people and to continue his show, Wowowin.