Woman crashes her ex-boyfriend’s wedding as he was wearing a bridal gown!

Women always dream of having an amazing and perfect wedding. A beautiful wedding together with the love of her life.

But unfortunately, not all wedding ceremonies are perfect and as memorable as it may seem because sometimes it can also be the worst. There was a viral video about an unnamed woman who invaded her ex-boyfriend’s wedding with his newfound love as she was wearing a bridal gown! It happened somewhere in China.

The woman made a scene in the intimate wedding as she suddenly kneels in front of the groom and all the guests at the wedding venue. The bride was very happy and uncomfortable with what happened to her supposed to be the “perfect wedding”.

According to some reports, the woman who crashed at the wedding was begging on the groom to take her back while pulling his wedding suit. The woman was shouting that it was all her fault. On the other hand, the “master of the ceremony ”couldn’t do anything but quipped that they had an expected situation that very moment and he also commented that maybe it was just the “reality of love”. The bride was very upset and she just decided to walk out of the stage immediately and as soon as the groom saw her leaving he followed her. The video went viral on different social media platforms earning a huge number of views and comments from the public.

True enough that we cannot be sure with all the things that will happen to us. We can plan to have a beautiful and wonderful wedding but we can never be sure that it will all be a successful event as we want it to be.

That is why we should always be prepared when this kind of thing comes and to always be vigilant to the people around us.