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Vice Ganda’s fan was very grateful for his help in her son’s heart surgery!

Parents can do everything for the sake of their children. Even if it means that they will be sacrificing a lot, even their own happiness or comfort. They can do everything just to make sure that their children are safe, secure, and healthy. That is why a lot of netizens were touched to know the story of Mommy Sandra and her son Sebastian Theone. Her son was diagnosed with an “atrial septal defect”, a condition where the child has a hole in his heart as big as a peso coin and really need surgery.

Mommy Sandra is doing everything that she can just to raise funds for her son. She is selling t-shirts for a cause which is worth P350 and it really serves a great help for their financial needs for her son.

“Fundraising lang po for our Sebastian Theone. Meron po kasi siyang “ATRIAL SEPTAL DEFECT”. May butas po ang pus0 niya na hindi po kusang magsasara. Kasing laki po ng piso. Malaking tulong po sa kaniya ito. Pm lang po. Salamat.” Mommy Sandra said on Twitter.
She tried asking help from Vice and she didn’t fail to get what she needed. The famous comedian immediately replied to her post saying that he can help her and she just have to wait for his staff to coordinate with her. Mommy Sandra, who is also Vice’s fan was more than grateful and happy to finally have her son get the surgery he needed through the help of the generous and kind-hearted Vice.

Jose Marie Borja Viceral, professionally known as Vice Ganda, is a 43-year-old Filipino comedian, television presenter, actor, and singer. He is a regular host-judge on ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show “It’s Showtime”, and has starred in several films, eight of which are considered to be the highest-grossing in Philippine cinema.