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Two kids taking a selfie with a slipper gained more than 11 million views!

Who would have not known about taking selfies nowadays? People never forget to take a selfie with food, with their loved ones or at a beautiful place they may be. It seems like a routine to many of us, especially sharing those photos on social media and our families, relatives, and friends can easily see our whereabouts.

Recently, these two kids went viral on social media as they enjoyed taking selfies with the use of a slipper! Yes, not a phone, or any gadget but just a slipper. How imaginative, innovative and creative was that? A social media user named Minh Phurong shared a video of these two lovely kids last April 3.

It already earned over a million view and 236,000 shares on social media. Kids really have amazing creativity and innovativeness especially when they are playing. That is why kids should always be allowed to play for them to explore and discover new things.




Source: Trendingplanet