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This young chubby lady was an inspiration to many people as she managed to lose weight!

There was a number of inspiring stories online about people who managed to lose their weight, from heavy to a sexy and gorgeous body.

Recently, another story of Jorge Espejo (with the username @jorgeespejo_) earned a number of likes and comments. This lady was also grateful to those people who told her that she can’t achieve a slim body because of her heavyweight.

Her weight loss journey was told in four of her photos and it inspired a lot of people who are planning to achieve the same successful goal as she has. The viral posts had already 5,000 retweets and over 43,000 favorites. Many netizens shared how she inspired them and some had also commented that she was already beautiful even before she started her weight loss journey.

If she had already achieved her goal of losing weight and taking care of herself than before, I believe that a lot more people can do the same too!

Sorce: Virtualpinoy