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This woman ate this biscuit and amazed everyone as she lose 57.2 pounds!

Because of the judgemental society we are into, many people would have wanted to change themselves for them to belong on the society they are into. Especially nowadays that social media became an everyday routine for many of us, cyber bullying is just around the corner. Aside from its negative effects, it also has brought some positive impacts on us just like the physical and health consciousness a lot of us experience because of social media. Many people tried to be the better version of themselves.
We may have also heard about successful stories of different people wanting to lose weight and improve themselves. From a huge and obesed individual, they tried very hard to lose weight and to inspire other people experiencing the same situation they are into. Just like this woman whose story went viral on different social media platforms. This is not a story of eating fruits and vegetables and doing some exercises because she had actually consumed a biscuit known as “Skyflakes” that helped her a lot in losing weight.

According to her, it was never easy for her to lose weight because of the discipline, and efforts she should do in order to succeed. She would never care about what she really looks like before, and she also care less about her weight. She would even eat 4 to 5 times a day and she actually weighed 78-80 kilos. Her mother would always remind her to save food but she had only realized it when she noticed that she doesn’t want her huge body and heavy weight anymore. She also doesn’t want to go to the gym or do some exercise that is why just decided to eat this kind of cracker.

But it doesn’t mean that she do not eat rice anymore. She eat rice sometimes, and she had also lessen eating sweets or sugary foods. After several months of sacrifices, she now loose 57.2 pounds!